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Summary Meeting Notes – July 13, 2017

  • Autocross
    • Dade County High School still has the most promising parking lot. It remains unavailable until school starts due to the staging of constructon materials, but we will be working with the new principal to schedule dates this fall.
    • ┬áSeveral other lots have been or are being looked at:
      – Southeast High School in Dalton; long and narrow
      – TWE on Dayton Boulvard; former shopping center
      – YRC Freight in Ringgold; over the road truck parking
      – Omega Center in Cleveland; large lot but all inquiries have gone unanswered
  • Street Survival School
    • The June 3rd school at Scottsboro high School was reiterated to have been a great success. Several of the coaches were in attendance and all agreed that it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience for themselves and the students, and generally for all involved.
    • Possible events this fall include a return to Scottsboro High School and a school at Dade County HS.
  • Business
    • Will Perry is working with Corey Simmons to assume the office of Treasurer.
    • Current bank account is just under $2000.
    • Beth Cox will verify that we are current with all necessary non-profit and incorporation filings. Gerald Street is currently out of town but is believed to have completed these.
  • General
    • The club van is fully operational now. Beth Cox is working on updating the insurance to include any new drivers.


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