Coming Back Soon

To a parking lot near you!!

It looks like we will be up and running again in September. We are working to finalize the dates as a couple of them conflicted with the Advanced Collison Series.

We will post the dates and reveal the location as soon as they are confirmed.

Things are looking up!

Just wanted to spread the word a bit, we have a few things in the works and may be running again soon.

I don’t want to share the details until we have something more concrete but I will update everyone as soon as we do.

Keep those fingers crossed!!!


Sad News About Future Events

It wasn’t that long ago that I had to announce that our events at Eastgate had been canceled. Now I regretfully have to make the same announcement about our events at the Jet Port.

Yesterday we were notified by the Jet Port, that the FAA had contacted the Jet Port concerning our events. Apparently it is the opinion of the FAA that the Jet Port is to be used exclusively for Aircraft and Air Transportation.

We have a thread for the lot search here: Lot Search

Test and Tune for March 1st had been canceled

Regretfully we are canceling the Test and Tune event for March 1st due to weather and low registration numbers.

I know that many of you have made changes to your rides this winter and if nothing else you’re itching to kill some cones, I know I am!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the March 22nd points event.

Tell everyone they need to come, we need to see a lot of people show up. If you know anyone that has been procrastinating about coming out tell them to stop 🙂

See you March 22nd!