Congratulations Champions!

Congratulations to the 2018 CRSCCA Annual Awards Winners!

The CRSCCA Annual Awards Dinner was held on Thursday, December 13th at Terra Nostra Tapas Restaurant on Chattanooga’s North Shore. Thanks to Efren (SRF) and Gema Ormaza and their staff for a delicious meal and warm hospitality!

The Autocross winners are:  
Street / Street Touring
(12 competitors)
  1. Grant Williams
  2. Patrick White
  3. Geraldine Powell
Street Prepared / Street Mod
(10 competitors)
  1. Alex Uchida
  2. Nicole Uchida
  3. David Hester
(2 competitors)
  1. Louise Couch
  2. Angela Rickert
(30 competitors)
  1. Austin Von Almen
  2. Ashley Weaver
  3. Stephen Jenks
John Darrow Autocrosser of the Year
(9 competitors)
  1. Joe Medford
  2. Eric Couch
  3. Travis Uga

Complete Autocross results here

Harvey Templeton Road Racer of the Year: Chuck Fullgraf
Chuck mentioned that this award is especially meaningful to him since he raced against Harvey back in the day.
Complete Road Race results here

Worker of the Year: Travis Uga
Henceforth to be known as the Bill Perry Worker of the Year award

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Perry

CRSCCA Monthly Meeting – November

Thursday, November 8th

Note Location:
Forbidden City Restaurant

2273 Gunbarrel Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(Near Hamilton Place Mall)

Bench Racing at 6:30 pm,
Meeting at 7:15-ish

Meeting Agenda:

  • Election of officers for 2019.
    The nominees are:
         – Regional Executive: Beth Cox
    Beth Cox has stated she is willing to be RE for 2019, but would like to step down after that, and is willing to step down for 2019 if someone else wants to step up now.
         – Assistant RE: Alex Uchida
         – Secretary: Art Thompson
         – Treasurer: Will Perry
         – Other BoD: Bill Perry
         – Other BoD: Joseph Patrick White
         – Other BoD: Gerald Street
         – Other BoD: Travis Uga
         – Other BoD: Randy Slomian
         – Webmaster: Art Thompson
  • Street Survival
         – Attendance way down
         – Should we plan one for the spring?
  • Green Prix status – Bill Perry
  • Report on autocross practice at SMP – Beth and/or Geraldine
  • Sunday Nov. 18 – Autocross:
         – Novice instruction: Eric Couch? and Grant Williams?
         – Course design: ???
         – Solo chair: Nicole Uchida
         – Timing and Scoring: Alex Uchida and Bill Harris
         – Safety steward: Geraldine Powell and ???
         – Registration: Beth Cox, Louise Couch?
  • Sunday Dec. 2 – Autocross; Season ender
  • Thursday Dec. 13 – Awards dinner at Terra Nostra Restaurant in Chattanooga
         – Details to come
         – Prix fixe, $25 plus drinks.
  • Establish a van/trailer cleanup date
  • Timing & Scoring – another volunteer or two still needed
  • Treasurer’s report
  • New business
         – National convention attendees
         – financial arrangements