Happy New Year! CRSCCA Monthly Meeting – January 2018 *** Updated ***

Mark the date: Our next meeting will be Thursday, January 11, 2018
O’Charley’s Restaurant in Hixson
Bench racing at 6:30; meeting at 7:15 or thereabouts

Agenda items include:

  • Election of officers and board members for 2018
  • Autocross:
    • Proposed fee increase from $30 to $35
    • 2018 schedule
    • Discussion about conducting an autocross school
    • Possible charity autocross
    • Trailer and van cleanup
    • Update on new timing and scoring equipment
  • 2018 Street Survival schedule
  • Greenpower USA electric car race

Winter Post-Season News

Awards dinner / Christmas party / Season ender for CRSCCA held December 7th

Lots of folks showed up, including some of our newest and youngest members, Matthew and Noah.

  • Worker of the year – Gerald Street
  • Harvey Templeton Road Racer of the year – Chuck Fulgraff

Autocross awards were calculated using a points system of 10 for first, 8 for second, 6 for third, 5,4, 3, 2, 1. You had to do two events and have at least one competitor.

  • Pro – Eric Couch, based on pax times
  • ES – Randy Chase
  • STR – Gerald Street
  • SMF – Levi Brindle
  • DS – Tim Cash
  • Small cone killer – Tim Cash – for getting 7 cones in one run!!!
  • Novice – Josh McQuaid
  • Cone Killer award (most over the season) goes to Josh McQuaid

Here’s a little update on what’s going on behind the scenes in this quiet period for CRSCCA.

  • Gerald Street and Beth Cox are meeting with Dade County High School officials on January 4th to discuss the spring autocross schedule. We’re hoping for four points events through June, including at least one on a Saturday, as well as the possibility of another Street Survival school.
  • Also being considered is an autocross school, back to back with a test and tune autocross session.
  • We need to schedule a work day on the van and trailer, to sort out what all’s in there, throw away what we don’t need and organize what we do.
  • Travis Uga and Bob Moates are deciding on what updated T&S equipment and software we will be purchasing.
  • Byron Spencer is scoping out routes for some fun rally action, probably in the hot months so us oldsters can drive with the AC on.
  • Beth Cox, Geraldine Powell, Alex Uchida and Nicole Blurton will be attending the SE Division SCCA convention in early February.
  • Beth Cox has a meeting upcoming to discuss CRSCCA participation in a Green Power USA electric car race to be held in Chattanooga next spring, featuring cars built and driven by local high school students. See the article in the Times Free Press. More on that later.
  • We’ll be meeting after the holidays with the Northgate Mall people to discuss a charity autocross out there.

Seems quiet, but a lot’s happening!

2017 Awards Dinner and Holiday Party

Our 2017 Awards Dinner and Holiday Party will be Thursday, December 7 at O’Charley’s in Hixson, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Everybody is invited!

There will be autocross class champion awards, a worker of the year award and the Harvey Templeton road race award.

No registration necessary!

Spouses, partners, significant others, children, all invited. We’ll be ordering off the menu. Not a business meeting. Just a fun get-together.

Sprint for the Checker!

Final Autocross of our 2017 Season is Sunday!

Registration for Autocross Event No. 4 closes at 2:00 Eastern time on Saturday, so save yourself five bucks and preregister. If you miss early registration, come on out anyway; it is forecast to be a beautiful day! Please note: We will commence doing sound checks at this event; 100 dB limit as per SCCA National Rules!

Our 2017 Awards Dinner and Holiday Party will be Thursday, December 7th at O’Charley’s in Hixson. Everybody is invited! There will be autocross class champion awards, a worker of the year award, and the Harvey Templeton road race award. No registration necessary!

2017 Season Autocross Points Updated


Street Survival: Wow. What a great Street Survival school. Thanks to all the coaches. Special thanks to Gerald Street for doing the classroom work, and Scott Dobler for handling the course layouts. The students were great.

Pics from TRSS Saturday at Dade County HS are on the CRSCCA Facebook page. Again, thanks to all the coaches. The student evaluations were fantastic. The skid pad with cracked corn really worked well, we’ll probably do that again in the future. Hoping we can have another SS school in the spring. -Beth Cox, CRSCCA RE


Results from Autocross Event No. 3 are now posted!

Registration for Autocross Event No. 4 is now open!

Season points will be updated soon…

Tire Rack Street Survival School is This Weekend!!!

Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Dade County High School

Coaches: Please be on site in time for an 8:00 meeting. Also, please bring a folding chair if you have one as seating will be limited at lunch.

Students: On-site Registration opens at 8:30 and closes at 9:00. Please arrive in time to have your car inspected for safety before registration closes.

We can always use more help with coaches and course setup.

More details here

CRSCCA Monthly Meeting – November

Thursday, November 9
O’Charley’s Restaurant in Hixson
6:30 p.m. for bench racing, meeting about 7:15

Agenda items include:
– Tasks and assignments for our upcoming Street Survival school
– Status of the purchase of a wifi hot spot
– New timing and scoring equipment
– Spring schedule for autocross
– Trophies for end of season awards
– Discussion of a possible charitable autocross event

CRSCCA Monthly Meeting – October

Thursday, October 12
O’Charley’s restaurant in Hixson
Bench racing at 6:30, meeting at 7-ish.

Whoever arrives first, please snag the little room off to the side.

Agenda items include:
– Purchase of new timing and scoring equipment
– Status of van insurance
– Status of “Timing and Scoring for Dummies”
– Status of trophies
– Initial planning for end of year party/awards dinner
– Treasurer’s report
– Initial volunteer assignments for our Nov. 18 Street Survival School
– Any new business