ETR RallyX #1

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ETR RallyX #1

Post by Jcford80 » Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:04 am

Last weekend was interesting. RJ and I initially planned to make a bonzai run down to the Daytona 24 to camp, but those plans fell through. Then by Thursday we planned on spectating at the rallyX, and driving down to Dr. Jeff's for the meeting. Then by Friday morning the plan was to get some work done on RJ's Cobalt, and we both co-drive. Then by Friday afternoon the temptation of finally gettting the Cavvy back in race form got to me, so the new plan was to thrash on both cars all weekend and we both compete in Prepared FWD on Sunday.
RJ came up to Madisonville late Friday and we worked on the Cavalier. Oil change, new DD tires, re-register the car, new right, front axle, and camber plates went on. I had new EBC rotors and HPS pads, but for the second time now, I was sent '65 Mustang pads by mistake. So I stayed on the old brakes for now. Many many beers later we called it quits @ 5am with my car finished.
The next morning after a few bloody marys we started on the Cobalt switching back to his stock downpipe. We considered doing some work on his motor/trans mounts, but decided that poly inserts were the better option and didn't touch them.
We talked as if we were going to stay up really late to watch the live feed of the race, but two days worth of drinking & a little wrenching meant 9:30 passed out on the couch.
Got up early and headed down to the rallyX. It's so nice to have an event thats 10mins from my house. The site is at a dirt oval track that got started several years ago but never panned out. I'm told by the local dirt track guys that the straightaways were too long and everyone was scattering engines. They had plans for a 1/4 mile strip that was grated but never paved. We used this surface for the event. If I win the lotto, I would love to buy that place, finish the drag strip and build a road course in the adjacent field.
I was a little worried about the surface until we got there and started walking. It really wasn't too rough and mostly grass and fluffy dirt that got everywhere. As we started running, some moisture came up and make certain corners really slick. It was basically like running an autoX in the rain on the sealed surface of Eastgate. My video and camera angle really doesn't do the run justice. I was never straight at any moment. I should have filmed an in-car because several times I was going lock-to-lock on the wheel.
The timing is a little strange in that your time is the accumulation of every run at the end. A cone still counts for 2 sec, but there are no DNF's. If you miss a gate it is a 10 sec penalty. My times were good enough for 12/42 and the win over RJ in PF. Ted V from ETR was the only FWD car to beat me, and he was on rally tires. Their timing system was a little jacked up so we haven't seen our run breakdown just yet but here are the results.
I was most happy with laying the smack down on a bunch of AWD cars. Subies in particular. I cannot stand the typical Monster stickered, flat bill, Ken Block wannabe Subaru owners. I even had one at lunch tell me that "my only problem was not having all-wheel drive". I beat him by over 6 seconds and I'm having trouble not talking too much sh*t on FB.
Here's RJ's fastest run
I plan on running a bunch more of these events this year. I hope to see some more Chatt people out there!
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