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Post by rocket71 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:34 pm

What is up with the BMW's in F Street!?!
Steve Rife wins a trophy.
Joe Tharpe crushes SSP again.
Nothing but Miata, Miata, Miata in CSP & BSP.
ESP - Infinity G35 in 3rd? A little F-Body love in the final trophy position.
SSM top 3 positions by less than .1 and what was all that about Eric's hurt motor? Randal won a Pro-Solo championship and almost a National Champ.
Looks like seat time is still key with Robert Carpenter and Carter Thompson both only able to snag mediocre trophies versus there normal 1 or 2nd place finishes.
CAMT is cool only because Mary Pozzi beat Al Unser Jr AND Robby Unser.

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Re: SoloNats

Post by Will94SC » Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:45 pm

I'm confused about CAM-T. Was the winning car really a 99 Camaro? That should be in CAM-C.

SSR: top three positions separated by .084 second. Reeve beat Strano for the win by .004.

ESP: yeah, the Chevys got slapped around a bit, but still finished 5th and 6th. Last trophy position was actually Pilson in Jeff Cox's car. ESP also outran DSP this year by 1.4 seconds. Were the conditions identical? Could hurt ESP PAX next season.

SSM: I hadn't heard about Eric's engine, but good for him and Randall for the Pro win. According to the 60-foot times, they were giving up .3 or so to the MR2 that was in the lead on day 1, so that's pretty impressive.

CP: Hasn't run yet, but I heard Madarash built a new motor, blew it during the pro, drove back to TX, got the old ESP motor and went back to Lincoln. Curious to see how well that turns out.

ES: MR-S Spyder wins it, 93 MR2 takes second over the Miatas. Didn't see that one coming. Anyone wants to buy an ES contender, let me know.
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Re: SoloNats

Post by Gen52SS » Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:12 am

rocket71 wrote:What is up with the BMW's in F Street!?!
Those M3's are the new car to beat in F Street....changes coming?
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Re: SoloNats

Post by RACERSD2 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:47 pm

FS: BMW has been a car to contend with for a couple of years, BUT I think once the new mustang gets some development under it, the E46 could be done.

CAM: Unsers cars were "odd" handling, Lil Als Camaro was bouncy and just didn't want to do anything around the corners, Robbies wasn't as bad. It was almost
like Speedway spent to much time on the 7 post rig not enough real life testing. Pozzi just drove the wheels off her Camaro.

ES: Roberts wife applied for the Mazda scholarship for him and he won it, soon he wasn't even going to listen to it. So a top 5 is outstanding.

East Course was fast and threading the needle in a couple of parts, we hit the rev limiter 2 twice.
West Course looked like crappy crappy poo poo when walking it. BUT driving it was much better. a skinny line with a 3rd gear straight line finish.
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