July Fastrack News-- big stuff for ST*

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July Fastrack News-- big stuff for ST*

Post by Will94SC » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:14 pm


-SC300 from STS to STX (no one cares, but in the blue f*** was this car in STS?

-Reduce STU wheel width to 11", limit AWD and 2WD mid/rear engined cars to 255mm tires; all others get 285mm

-STP. Pony cars would get their own ST* class. 2015+ Camaro/Mustang not initially eligible.


STP, Independent Rear Suspension: 285 mm maximum width
STP, Live Axle Rear Suspension: 315 mm maximum width
STP, Independent Rear Suspension: 10” Maximum Width
STP, Live Axle Rear Suspension: 11” Maximum Width
Eligible Vehicles:
Chevrolet, Camaro (2010 - 2014) (SS) (V6) (excluding 1LE)
Chevrolet, Camaro (1993 - 2002) (SS, Z28, V6)
Dodge, Challenger (2008 - 2015) (N/A)
Dodge, Charger (2006 - 2015) (N/A)
Ford, Mustang (2005 - 2014) (GT, V6)
Ford, Mustang (1994 - 2004) (GT, V6)
American RWD V8 powered sedans, must be naturally aspirated with a wheelbase greater than 100” and a listed
curb weight greater than 3200#, NOC (not eligible for national level competition)

Sounds interesting, but I'm pretty sure my Camaro is too far gone past the rest of the ST* rule set to make a move to this class worthwhile.

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