2015 Point Standings

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2015 Point Standings

Post by Loren.Uga » Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:07 pm

Pro Class: http://www.crscca.org/files/Solo/Result ... Points.htm
Open Class: http://www.crscca.org/files/Solo/Result ... Points.htm

The points will be determined based on the Chattanooga Region supplemental regulations:
1. Points will be based on PAX results, using the current year's PAX index
2. Points will be calculated by the following formula and rounded to the nearest point
(Winning PAX Time / Your PAX Time) * 1000
3. Non-recognized classes (STM) will be scored with a PAX index of 1.000
(see further STM rules under Section 9 “Miscellaneous Topics”)
4. Points will be accumulated as follows: There are 10 scheduled events that will accumulate
towards the final tally (excluding the February Test-n-Tune). Your 8 best events will count
towards your total. In the event that an event is cancelled, then that will be subtracted from the
total number counted (ex: 1 cancelled = 7 best events counted).
5. Only members of the Chattanooga SCCA will be eligible for Driver of the Year (DoY)

If anyone has any questions on the points system let me know.

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