CRSCCA Monthly Meeting - August

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CRSCCA Monthly Meeting - August

Post by RacerArt » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:34 am

Thursday, August 10, 2017
O’Charley’s Restaurant in Hixson
Bench racing at 6:30 p.m., meeting at 7, more or less.

Whoever shows up first, please snag that little side room for the group.

Lots to talk about!

Agenda items include:
– Fall autocross schedule 2017
– Tire Rack Street Survival School in November 2017
– Recruiting of volunteers for successful events
– Treasurer’s report
– Plus any new business

In case you missed the news on FaceBook:
Yes: We have an autocross schedule for the fall!

Many thanks to CRSCCA board member Gerald Street and to Brent Cooper, assistant principal at Dade High School.

First event is a Test and Tune, now scheduled for Sunday Aug. 27 at the lot at the high school where we have run before.

Then we have standard autocross events there on Sept. 17, Oct. 29, Nov. 19 and Dec. 3. Hoping to have an awards gathering/Xmas party later in December, maybe on Dec. 9 or 10.

We now have two licensed Safety Stewards, so that should not be a problem this fall.

Also, we are planning a Tire Rack Street Survival School at Dade HS on Saturday Nov. 18 and we’ll need lots of volunteer instructors.

See for more

Join us Thursday and let’s get this thing moving!
-Art Thompson... a '94 ES/S6/STR/CSP Miata

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