CRSCCA Announcement

I have an important announcement to make. It appears we just can’t get a break getting this club off the ground again.  Our lot is available, but not very appealing considering there are bigger better lots within a 2 hour or less drive from Chattanooga. Currently Bob Moates, Travis Uga, Will Smith, Cory Simmons and myself are the only remaining “regular” members that currently are performing most of the required tasks to put on an event. Yes, there are some new people who are interested and willing and I am glad to see them, but since we have not had any events so we can’t get anyone trained to spread out the work load.  Our biggest issue is we cannot get a Safety Steward to come to our March 12th event.

So here is my proposal (This is not just my idea, I have had conversations with a couple of other people on these concerns). I propose the club, “pull into the pits” for a while, take a sabbatical, sit back and review, etc.  I am not proposing that we completely stop or shut down. We need more members to be trained as Safety Stewards (which we can do at other club’s events), course design, car inspection, timing and scoring, etc. During the break we can travel to other club’s events were we can meet other autocrossers and volunteer to help. In doing so, newer members can be exposed to tasks that take place in order to put on an autocross and learn how to do them. The bonus is we will meet people who will not only become your new friends, but just might come to Chattanooga to participate once we figure out how to rebuild.

There is a new forum set up on our site called Moving Forward. We will use this to keep track of ideas and issues that need to be addressed while we regroup. The forum is the best tool for this. We will still utilize the Facebook page for announcements as well as the site homepage and emails. We will continue to have meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at O’Charley’s on Hixson Pike. The next meeting is March 9th.

Lastly, I have been autocrossing for the last 39 years. I have repeatedly “volunteered” to fill positions, been an officer, been on the board, etc  just so events and the club would continue. If there is anyone interested in taking the reins, I will gladly give them to you.  I have run out of ideas and the time to look for new ones.  I think the club needs a new direction and I am currently not able to do that. I have a lot of projects going on at work, other interests, family and projects at home.  I know all of you have things going on as well and autocrossing is just a hobby, but It will require some time to keep things on track. If you are interested, let me know. I will help as much as possible and I don’t plan to stop participating.


Thanks for listening

Gerald Street

Acting Regional Executive (RE)