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Latest News:

  • CRSCCA 2019 Season Autocross Points posted here
  • With the proposal to consider additional board positions, and since it has been a while anyway, a motion was made and passed at the July 11th monthly meeting to review the CRSCCA bylaws. Please read through these and consider any changes you think are appropriate. We will be discussing this at upcoming meetings, and voting on changes this fall.
Next Meeting:
Thursday, August 8th
Location: TBD

Bench racing – 6:30 pm — Meeting – 7:30-ish

Note: We are actively seeking suggestions for a new regular monthly meeting location. Please send your ideas to the RE or post them on our Facebook page. (See contact page for information)
– Reasonably centrally located to the region
– Adequate parking
– If a restaurant, a broad selection of menu options for dietary needs or taste preferences
– Reasonably priced

Next Autocross:Autocross Pylons Logo

For full schedule, go to the 2019 CRSCCA Autocross / Solo Schedule Page.

Most Recent Green Prix:

May 10th and 11th, 2019
Results posted soon…
Goblins Schedule (Friday)
F24 Schedule (Friday, Saturday)

For more information, click here

Next Street Survival:trss-horiz
Saturday, October 26th 2019
For more information, click here

CRSCCA Meeting – February (Updated)

Because of Saint Valentine’s Day, the next CRSCCA meeting will be
Wednesday, February 13th.
This is a one-time change.

Note New Location:
Terra Nostra Tapas Restaurant

105 Frazier Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Bench racing – 6:30 pm — Meeting – 7:15-ish


  • Report on national convention – Alex Uchida
  • Report on member survey – Alex Uchida
  • Report on Green Prix status – Dawn Hjelseth & Bill Perry
  • Drag Race cancelled? – Dawn Hjelseth
  • Many more volunteers needed for Green Prix
  • Street Survival – Scheduled for April 6
         – Promote heavily – Coaches needed
  • Season tech inspection discussion
         – Stickers?
  • Establish a promotions/membership committee
  • Riverside, Coker Tire, Cruizers, Cars & Coffee
  • Establish procedure for filling autocross jobs 10 days in advance, including:
         * March 24 Test & Tune
              – Event chair – ??
              – Novice instruction – ??
              – Course design – ??
              – Timing and Scoring –Travis Uga
              – Tech Inspection – ??
              – Safety steward(s) – Geraldine Powell
              – Registration & waivers – Louise Couch
  • Establish a van/trailer cleanup date
  • Treasurer’s report
  • New business
  • Discussion of fun runs at autocross events

Park behind the restaurant or in the church lot behind that.
Do NOT park in the Walgreen’s lot; you might be towed.

CRSCCA Monthly Meeting – January (Updated)

Thursday, January 10th

Note New Location:
Terra Nostra Tapas Restaurant

105 Frazier Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Bench racing at 6:30 pm,
Meeting at 7:15-ish
Guests are always welcome

Meeting Agenda:

  • Tentative event schedule for 2019 – Beth Cox
  • Green Prix status – Bill Perry
  • Discussion and vote on amendments to autocross points scoring for 2019 – Patrick White
  • Awards for those who were not at December meeting
  • Membership drive – Discussion, planning
  • Timing & Scoring – Another volunteer or two still needed
  • Safety Stewards – More volunteers needed
  • Treasurer’s report
  • New business
         – Autocross fee increase?
         – Reserved numbers for the season
         – TNIA grant proposal for a junior kart
         – Proposed purchase – Power backup/surge protector for timing & scoring equipment
         – Square card reader for on-site entry fees

Congratulations Champions!

Congratulations to the 2018 CRSCCA Annual Awards Winners!

The CRSCCA Annual Awards Dinner was held on Thursday, December 13th at Terra Nostra Tapas Restaurant on Chattanooga’s North Shore. http://terranostratapas.com/ Thanks to Efren (SRF) and Gema Ormaza and their staff for a delicious meal and warm hospitality!

The Autocross winners are:  
Street / Street Touring
(12 competitors)
  1. Grant Williams
  2. Patrick White
  3. Geraldine Powell
Street Prepared / Street Mod
(10 competitors)
  1. Alex Uchida
  2. Nicole Uchida
  3. David Hester
(2 competitors)
  1. Louise Couch
  2. Angela Rickert
(30 competitors)
  1. Austin Von Almen
  2. Ashley Weaver
  3. Stephen Jenks
John Darrow Autocrosser of the Year
(9 competitors)
  1. Joe Medford
  2. Eric Couch
  3. Travis Uga

Complete Autocross results here

Harvey Templeton Road Racer of the Year: Chuck Fullgraf
Chuck mentioned that this award is especially meaningful to him since he raced against Harvey back in the day.
Complete Road Race results here

Worker of the Year: Travis Uga
Henceforth to be known as the Bill Perry Worker of the Year award

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Perry